Why To “Root” Android And Its Implications

So what is this buzz amongst Android users to “root” their smartphones? The answer lies within the Android version installed on your smartphone. It might be hard to believe that the platform itself is capable of doing much more that what the manufacturers offer.  You might be sitting on the tip of the iceberg!

Typically, smartphone manufacturers work on their own versions of the stock Android OS released by Google Inc. Thus software builds on different phone models differ at a superficial layer whilst the platform underneath being same might allow phone users to explore added functionalities. The out-of-the-box Android phones, no matter what their cost is are based on “stock” android and by Android rooting you can unlock hidden features to unleash its potential.

Why Root Your Android Device

Underlying system for Android is Linux, not so popular, but amongst the most powerful. Root permissions can provide users access to features, just like Admins have on Windows. The root user can explore almost anything and everything on Linux. Typically the end users of Android are not expected to be technical, so the stock Android does not provide root permissions and make the phone susceptible to vulnerabilities.

While you might not want to play around with system files access, the applications, most of them, which provide seamless functionalities, might need full access. Android rooting enables these apps to read-write system files while you enjoy their unleashed potentials.

Above screenshot is a nightmare to new apps’ installation, and the precise reason you might want to go for android rooting. But keep in mind that rooting isn’t mandatory, provided you do not install apps or develop something for Android that doesn’t need root permissions.

While you might proceed with full gusto to find commands that root your smartphone, here are some implications that you might not want to overlook:

1. Warranty

This is one of the major drawbacks. Manufactures shall always play a safe game by voiding the warranty if they detect your phone has been rooted. The reason behind this is that they might not be able to detect what a user might have done with system files after rooting, so its rather preferable to be more defensive and not cover rooted phones under warranty.

2. Security Vulnerability

Financial apps that hold in your money or money related data on your smartphone like Google Wallet, Airtel Money etc. face threatening dangers from rooted apps. Rooted apps can access system files that store sensitive information like Personal Identification Number (PIN) and other passwords. Then this info could be uploaded without your knowledge giving a remote hacker (who has possibly designed this app) complete access to your personal and financial data.

3. Phone Brick

Android Rooting doesn’t damage hardware, but sets and resets few bits of information on your device’s Read Only Memory (ROM). While usually this procedure is deemed completely safe, there have been few instances where mishaps have rendered the phone non-bootable, unrecoverable and hence completely useless. This unfortunate phenomenon with your smartphone is termed as “Brick” in the tech world lingo.

Whilst rooting might sound lucrative for an Android user, it is at the user’s own discretion to consider vulnerabilities listed above.

Planning For Valentine’s Day Guide

Valentine’s Day, Saint Valentine’s Day, the Feast of Saint Valentine all are the same thing. It is celebrated on February 14 every year. Many countries do not give holiday on this occasion but is celebrated all around the world.

How it started?

Valentine’s Day began as an accord with liturgy, celebrating of one or more saints named Valentines.  These saints were Christians and martyr. Most popular martyr ology linked with St. Valentine was, he was severely imprisoned for making weddings of soldiers who were restricted to have a marriage and for conducting religious worship to Christians who were cause to suffer under the influence of Roman Empire.

Planning For Valentines Day

At the time of his imprisonment, it is said that he have cured the daughter of his jailer, Asterius. It is believed that before the execution St. wrote a letter to her, signed “Your Valentine”. Today, St. Valentine’s Day is official feast day for Anglican Communion and Lutheran Church. The Eastern Orthodox Church also assign great social importance to St. Valentine’s Day, although on July 6 & 30, the former date is in honour of Roman presbyter St. Valentine, and the latter in honour of Hieromartyr Valentine.

Planning: Soon after Christmas and New Year, it’s time now to open your pockets for Valentine’s Day. As this festive is celebrated worldwide, it needs some planning and guidance for enjoying this day at the fullest. Planning are simple and varies from person to person but then also some last checks should be done very early to enjoy the occasion.

Book your restaurant very early with your preferred timing as there is going to be a huge rush on that particular day. Your partner must be ready and you must made your mind to enjoy the day with her/him. Cards, flowers, chocolates, gift all kinds of such stuffs be packed and ready to be distributed.

Every one of us want to enjoy this day with our loved ones. It would be better for you to make this day as a special day of the year. Booking hotel table or sharing cakes are all known things. Try something exciting and new to impress your partner in a whole amazing way. This will create a romantic aura between you both and make your love more passionate.

Trying new thing doesn’t means that you are going to forget the old culture and traditions to be followed upon. This new phenomenon is just to add some extra happiness in your day. Valentine’s Day is experienced for full one week and each day has its own meaning and way of expression to share upon.

In the early times this day was exclusively treated as romantic day. In 18th century it eventually evolved as an occasion. In 19th century this card distribution also has been added for celebration. There are many poems and stories already written over this day and in near future we can see many more. Still this occasion is celebrated with full enthusiasm over the whole world and all in their own way.

Its Follow Back Time – Get Instagram Followers

Much has been said about marketing your brand on Instagram. You must have come across blogs and articles which tell you how to go about Insta marketing but one thing which the brands continuously ask is how can i buy Instagram Followers?

Getting followers for your brand marketing on Instagram is not a cakewalk,  mind you. The startup is really slow. But once people start noticing your brand, things will eventually fall into place. Having patience is the key here.

Get Instagram Followers

Getting followers takes time. Make sure you are presenting your brand effortlessly out there so that it garners more response.

The Follow Back Mantra – The Guide To Good Marketing

So what is actually the follow back mantra? In real world marketing there is no such thing like this , you would question. Yes , in reality there isn’t. But in the virtual world and especially when we are talking about marketing on Instagram, this mantra exists.

The follow back mantra is really easy to guess. Those active on insta would have already sorted this mantra out in their heads by now. For those new to Instagram, this basically means following your followers back on instagram.
This isn’t a compulsion. Statistics show that a record number of high end brand companies don’t bother to follow their followers back.

The only reason we suggest you to try out this mantra is because it shows your customers (your followers) that you care. That you are interested to know their preferences , their likes and what they think of your brand. This helps in promoting your business better.  It  helps create a  strong rapport with your  client.

New startup companies or brand ventures should follow their followers.  If not most of them , at least a few of them. If you can’t even follow them back , at least care to reply back to their queries , their suggestions, their criticism etc.. In short learn to reply to feedback whether positive or negative. That is what helps your brand become better and cater to a number of people without any issues or qualms.

We understand that following your customers/followers back would mean that your home feed will be filled with their updates. And most of them update frequently. But what we need to understand here is that , this is what is needed for any effective brand promotion , where you can buy Instagram followers.

You will slowly but eventually learn the tricks of the trade but this follow back mantra is very effective and people are actually interested to follow someone who follows them back and inquires about their preferences. So isn’t this all too simple? Who said Insta marketing was tough? Just a few tricks here and a few tricks there and before you know I, your brand will be accumulating a lot of followers. You can also buy followers on instagram.

Don’t forget to apply the follow back mantra for your brand . It is in these days. Go ahead Instagrammers, its follow back time!!!