Do You Know About New Clash Royale Cards?

Clash Royale has a big crowd of fans because it looks like a real time strategy with more graphics. So grabbing more users is easy and it has become the addictive game.

Sometime this game will not be available in the play store, But people can download clash royale apk on their Android device to enjoy this game.

Do You Know About New Clash Royale Cards

Now the Clash Royale team was introduced the new cards which will helpful for the users. Each card has different functions so people can use those cards depend on their situations.

* Bandit
* Heal
* Bats
* Night Witch

Bandit: A group of people or troop attacking you from a distance? If yes, Bandit is the right choice for you, because of the bandit able to attack any group at once within some range for a big attack.

The great thing about Bandit is that she is invincible while dashing, which means any attack will not damage her.

Hence Bandit hit points are slightly higher than Ice Wizard and Electro-Wizard at any comparable levels.

Heal: Is the excellent card for the users, which will allow you to re-generate the troop health for 3 seconds. Heal card is the slightly smaller radius than poison card and also the less cost.

But compared to the poison card people can get the faster reaction while using a Heal card.

Bats: Is an another card for users. The Bats is a 2 cost card that will automatically, generates the 5 flying troops, those are like as squishy as skeletons.

Those Bats are the great substitution for the Minions horde as a combo with the miner. You can send you bats as very fast to dish up the damage while sending your miner into eating up the tower.

Night Witch: Is just like a Witch spawns skeletons, and The new troops look like a solid 4-Elixir troop. But it ‘s hard to say night witch is effective like an electro wizard or Lumberjack.

The stats and info of her will differ, the only difference between the witch and night witch is about attacks. Witch have a weak attack area on both the air and ground. But in Night witch has a hard attack area on the ground sections.

Wrapping Up

The Clash Royale keep updating their games with more features and options. So their users able to enjoy the games by using a new feature. Above are the new cards(new features) has recently introduced by the company.