Types of Impact driver

Like the other power hand tools, impact drivers also comes with different size, shapes, specification and uses. The 2017 best hand tools will help you to find the best impact driver by checking its specification.

In this article, we have listed the famous types of impact drills which are known less. By reading this you can pick the drill which suitable for your job. In this list, few are inexpensive and the motorized versions are expensive.

Types of Impact driver

Manual Impact Drivers: This is also called as hand impact drivers because it requires a hand. The working principal is same but differs from motorized version. This manual driver is used to loosen the nuts and bolts which were locked.

Electric Impact Drivers: This driver has become popular recently and there are two types available. They are

  • Corded Impact drivers: It has the ability to work with large bolts and nuts and also a pneumatic version. It is typically heavy and needs to work within the cord.
  • Cordless Impact drivers: If you are using cordless version and need not worry about tangling. It is performing well but it does not have a power of corded version.

Right-Angle Drivers: This driver can be used either hydraulic, pneumatic or electric. Most of us are using it in electric form. It suits for the job which need to torque at tight angle. The cost of a model is same like the other models.

Cordless Drill Driver: This model is best for people who need the versatile drill driver. It is portable and offers better performance, high speed, and torque. When drilling, it is ease of use and also it helps for better accuracy and precision. By adjusting the torque you can get an excellent gripping result because of fortified with clutches.

What is the reason to select impact drivers at all?
We have a habit of using few things regularly which makes your life easier. The below are some of the reasons listed to use impact drivers.

Easy for Handle: It is much easy to turn on or off during work and no need to apply force to get the best torque.
Suits for heavy duty: This driver is made up of rapid bursts and it will only apply linear force which suitable for heavy jobs.
Realize the difference between drills and impact driver: Drills are used to apply torque and have control for settings and speed. Impact drivers are powerful to make torque with linear force.
RPM: You can get best rpm with impact driver when compared to other drillers.

There are many online website available to get the best impact driver reviews to know the specification and price.