How to Share an Article on Linkedin???

Linkedin is a rapidly growing professional network with millions of members. Linkedin isĀ  a professional website,so there are many opportunities to grow business through linkedin. And also there are several ways to build your business in LinkedIn. In today’s world without LinkedIn connection,you will not any business growth, so you buy LinkedIn connections.

Apart from a business, it can help you in many numbers of ways.Establish your professional profile and control one of the top search results for your name and your LinkedIn profile is your personal website, Here you can share your thoughts,articles with your audience from several places. Sharing your information with your audience is the great way to build your industry, personal brand..etc. Here we will see some instructions for posting.

Instructions for posting an article to linkedin:

  1. Log into your linkedin profile
  2. Attach the the link to the article
  3. Select the option under “share with”

1)Log into your LinkedIn profile:

On the top of your page, you have “share an update”text box, click it. Type your remark, it will be within 600 char.

2)Attach the the link to the article:

What you do?? to attach the link to the article, To share an article,simply type in URL. Article image and description, it will show up within few seconds.

3)Select the option under “share with”:

First, you select linkedin to show the update to everyone including your 1st,2nd and 3rd-degree connections and also select the connections to show update only to your first-degree connections. Select linkedin+twitter, it can raise the visibility on both.

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