Vimeo An Emerging Platform For Video Marketing

When you are uploading a video from anywhere, then it is important that you keep a track on the process which is pulling in maximum number of viewers. When you are able to track in that option what you must do is improve it from time to time. The same thing holds true for Vimeo as well. You are uploading video on Vimeo so that everybody can watch it so you have to market your video well in order to draw in some viewers for you in the beginning.


One of the biggest advantages that Vimeo has is that it allows its users to purchase Vimeo views for their video.These views provide the initial exposure that the video requires. If you want to get views in a natural way then also it is possible, but the only thing is that you have to work harder to achieve that. You need to make yourself a known face in the Vimeo circle and in order to do that you have to access the forums of various sites.

The Forum is one place where you will find a large number of people making their presence felt in there and discussing on various relevant topics. Depending on your orientation you can choose to join any forum you want. This will help you in meeting other users of this platform. If they are experienced then they will be able to guide you with their valued comments, and if they are a novice then they will be filled with new ideas which will also be beneficial for you.

Sharing and Growing

When you are in a forum you can share information on different topics, talk about new ideas that can help in the growth. By doing so you will be visible to others and they will be interested in your profile as well. But remember when you are sharing any idea or any bit of information then it has to be relevant and must add value to the discussion else nobody will be interested in you and you will end up on the wrong side.

Apart from posting your videos on Vimeo you can make use of the social media site as well. If you post it out there, then you will get more number of audiences who will be viewing your video. You can also buy vimeo followers. The next big thing that you can do in order to grow is to add some good amount of friends on here but here also there is a small hitch. In a quest to add number of friends you cannot just keep on adding anybody in your friend list.

When you are sending a friend request to someone just to see whether they have the same interest as that of yours or not! If they do not share the same interest, then they will not be interested in viewing your video as much as one that seems to be interested. Stay connected with them otherwise they will soon forget about your existence.