Why SEO is a popular Discussion Topic?

SEO is a topic that is widely discussed in the internet today. Considering it is also a controversial topic, it is also widely misunderstood. SEO enjoys wide popularity for various reasons even among website owners.

SEO is a popular

Targeted website traffic

Those in SEO industry including website owners believe that the success of any online business or operation is determined by the target website traffic. Search engines are the largest resource for website traffic. This means no one can ignore the power of numbers. Since SEO is aimed at optimizing sites for ranking purposes which is also related to search engines, people now have increased interest in practicing SEO.

SEO controversy

When it comes to internet website operations, SEO is a controversial topic. According to SEO proponents, it provides a viable means for websites to appear in search engines. This is crucial for any site that requires traffic. For opponents of SEO, they believe websites can achieve good search engine visibility even without the SEO work. These opponents also believe that SEO professionals charge high fees for guess work. They cannot assure their clients with regard to the success of search engine ranking. The truth is that SEO provides notable controversy. SEO will also continue being a popular topic considering search engines contribute in generating website traffic.


“SEO can be described as a multi-million dollar business. The search engines have been generating billions of dollars every year through advertising. Website owners also earn millions by use of search engines, be it through organic listing in search results or paid advertisement,” says Ari Kazan, a Senior SEO expert from New York. SEO being something that provides a company or an individual with a competitive edge especially in the current internet world, it is bound to be a very hot topic.

Lack of standard SEO rules and regulations

SEO is a version of the wild west. Since there are no set standards for this industry, almost anything can be said. This means no one can be said to be right or wrong regarding any comments, thoughts or decision about SEO methods and/or techniques. What an individual views as unethical may be viewed as honest and well intended assistance by another. Therefore, labels like back and white hats are used within SEO industry.

Search Engines

SEO can be described as result of popularity, utilization and development of search engines. The SEO industry cannot exist without the search engines. According to statistics, most of the website traffic is generated via search engines, either directly or indirectly. Most internet sales are linked to those who use search engines while looking for services and/or products.

Search engines are known to play a dominant role. The success of a search engine is determined by how reliable and accurate the search results are. This means the search engines have great relations with the SEO industry.

The History Behind Host Gator

HostGator is a company based in Houston and it offers virtual private, reseller and shared servers. People can also ask for a dedicated web hosting service. Also, people can use 1 dollar hostgator coupons to get their services cheaply.

History of Hostgator

When and how HostGator started

HostGator had been founded by Brent Oxley in the year 2002. He was a student of the Florida Atlantic University. By 2006, it had already passed the mark of 200,000 in the registered domain. The company had moves from an original office in the Florida to the new office of 20,000 square foot in the office of Texas. In 2008, the company was ranked at number 21 in the entire United States and at number one in Texas. It is considered as one of the fastest growing companies.

In the same year, the HostGator had decided that it will make the hosting service a green hosting company while working under Integrated Ecosystem Market services. The HostGator fights the competitions by offering unlimited hosting services. Some people were against the unlimited services, but the founder was adamant about it and it increased the sales by 30 percent. This is why the company decided to open a new center in Texas. By 2011, the company also opened a new center in India to be a data center and support offices. The head office in the India is found in Maharashtra.

By 2012, the founder and the CEO announced that the company was about to be sold to the Endurance International Group. He told the users and the employees that they should not worry since he would continue to be the owner of the HostGator servers. He said that he chose to do this because he likes to travel around the world before he starts a family. He was also worried about the registrar potion and failures in creating the right billing which he wishes Endurance may fix.

Important events in the history of HostGator

HostGator is one among the few companies that were able to mitigate successfully the blacklisted IPs. Many IP addresses that had been used as the email gateways at every webhost in the entire world and they were to be blacklisted on different and multiple networks.

HostGator had been involved into different attacks. In 2012, UGNazi, a computer hacker claimed that he was responsible for the hacking of the web server and the web host billing software under WHMCS. A person called WHMCS saying that he was a senior person and they provided the information and the access to the root access.

Since 2013 with the acquisition of the Endurance International, HostGator had suffered many incidences as server downtimes and outages. 2014, there was a total blackout for the center in the Provo. Another outage took place in May and it took 9 hours to be rectified. Another outage affected the reseller accounts but the causes of these problems were not announced. Have a look at host gator review before getting hosting.