Top 5 Facebook Games – Addiction Is Better

Are you a game addict? Do you want to play games while chatting with your friends on Facebook? Then check out this top 5 list of top five Facebook games of all time.

Top Facebook Games


This game is universally considered to be the most addictive of all Facebook games. Figures support the claim here with Farmville registering more than 50 million active players. It is a very simple game that ensures you keep coming back for even more. Created by Zynga, this game is all about farming and associated activities like plowing land, planting veggies, harvesting and even managing livestock.

When starting with the game players are given some coins and a virtual piece of land. You can get more coins by harvesting crops. You can also interact with other Farmville players as well as send gifts.

HoldEm Poker

Texas HoldEm Poker has the most number of users on Facebook next to Farmville. This game is ideal for those who enjoy the thrill of betting. The best part of this game is that you get to bet without losing real money. As you play the most popular poker virtual game in the United States, you are required to conjure up the best 5 card groupings.

The only thing needed to start this game is a set of two players. Two cards are allotted to each player and the betting session begins. When its your turn to bet, you can choose between four options – namely to fold, check, call or raise. At the finish, the person with the best five card combination wins.


This is yet another creation by Zynga. And quite similar to Farmville, this game too involves dealing with livestock, coins and experience points. However, the difference is that here you can become an American Old West Pioneer. FrontierVille allows you to plant trees, build inns, harvest crops, clear land, get rid of pests and even create furniture.

You also have the option to purchase energy which is an important requirement for this game apart from buying animals. A very interesting twist in this game is that you also have a spouse and children to whom you can assign various tasks. And quite like Farmville, here too you can share gifts and interact with other Facebook users.

Mafia Wars

One of the most popular games on Facebook and yet another creation of Zynga, Mafia Wars is played by almost 7 million users a day. Creation of a criminal empire is the main goal of the game. And just like other games, here too you are required to hire members and assign tasks which is only possible by collecting experience points.

In the game, players are limited by their stamina levels and so the games are timed when you fight others. Each completed task greets you with experience points and special tasks like winning fights win you bonus points.

Cafe World

With about 19 million users this is yet another in the list of highly addictive Facebook games. It shares many similarities with Mafia Wars and Farmville, which were also created by Zynga. With Cafe World, you become the owner of a cafe and as the cook you have to decide what dishes you will cook with the stoves provided to you.

You can buy additional stoves once you have more money. Customization of your cafe and planning your cooking is also possible. You can also change your chef’s attire and all these little things make you feel as if you really own and run a cafe.