Planning For Valentine’s Day Guide

Valentine’s Day, Saint Valentine’s Day, the Feast of Saint Valentine all are the same thing. It is celebrated on February 14 every year. Many countries do not give holiday on this occasion but is celebrated all around the world.

How it started?

Valentine’s Day began as an accord with liturgy, celebrating of one or more saints named Valentines.  These saints were Christians and martyr. Most popular martyr ology linked with St. Valentine was, he was severely imprisoned for making weddings of soldiers who were restricted to have a marriage and for conducting religious worship to Christians who were cause to suffer under the influence of Roman Empire.

Planning For Valentines Day

At the time of his imprisonment, it is said that he have cured the daughter of his jailer, Asterius. It is believed that before the execution St. wrote a letter to her, signed “Your Valentine”. Today, St. Valentine’s Day is official feast day for Anglican Communion and Lutheran Church. The Eastern Orthodox Church also assign great social importance to St. Valentine’s Day, although on July 6 & 30, the former date is in honour of Roman presbyter St. Valentine, and the latter in honour of Hieromartyr Valentine.

Planning: Soon after Christmas and New Year, it’s time now to open your pockets for Valentine’s Day. As this festive is celebrated worldwide, it needs some planning and guidance for enjoying this day at the fullest. Planning are simple and varies from person to person but then also some last checks should be done very early to enjoy the occasion.

Book your restaurant very early with your preferred timing as there is going to be a huge rush on that particular day. Your partner must be ready and you must made your mind to enjoy the day with her/him. Cards, flowers, chocolates, gift all kinds of such stuffs be packed and ready to be distributed.

Every one of us want to enjoy this day with our loved ones. It would be better for you to make this day as a special day of the year. Booking hotel table or sharing cakes are all known things. Try something exciting and new to impress your partner in a whole amazing way. This will create a romantic aura between you both and make your love more passionate.

Trying new thing doesn’t means that you are going to forget the old culture and traditions to be followed upon. This new phenomenon is just to add some extra happiness in your day. Valentine’s Day is experienced for full one week and each day has its own meaning and way of expression to share upon.

In the early times this day was exclusively treated as romantic day. In 18th century it eventually evolved as an occasion. In 19th century this card distribution also has been added for celebration. There are many poems and stories already written over this day and in near future we can see many more. Still this occasion is celebrated with full enthusiasm over the whole world and all in their own way.